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Updated: 14.11.2022 17:45:00
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When summer holiday is in question, the Aegean, and Mediterranean regions of Turkey please its visitors with their villa holidays. Besides you can enjoy the sea, sun, and sand, you can also find numerous historical places to visit during your stay.

One of the most popular attractions in the region is located in Fethiye. Lycian Rock Tombs, which also includes the Tomb of Amytans, is a great attraction to visit during your stay. Therefore, we have compiled a quick guide for you in the following.

Besides learning more about villa holiday opportunities in Fethiye, you will learn everything you need about the rock tombs.

Where Is Lycian Rock Tombs?

Lycian Rock Tombs is located right in the middle of the district. In this sense, visiting this historical place is not a challenge for any visitors. You can see these rock tombs from any part of Fethiye and it provides amazing scenery.

Because of its location, you can also quickly visit other attractions in the area without worrying about finding transportation. Whether you enjoy history or not, we highly encourage you to pay a visit to these rock tombs. Besides enjoying time in nature, you will enjoy the panoramic view of Fethiye as well.

The Lycian Rock Tombs Dates Back to Which Century?

Lycian Rock Tombs date back to BC 4. They are the ruins of Lycians, which was an important city-state of its time. Besides Fethiye, you can also find similar ruins in the area. However, the most important one in the area is the one located in Fethiye.

In addition to this, the Tomb of Amytans is also here. Unfortunately, we do not know who Amytans is, but his name is carved in the rock as the son of Herpamias, Amintas.

Lycian Rock Tombs History

Unfortunately, we do not know a lot about Lycians since not many records managed to survive up to date. All of them were ruined and destroyed during the Greek and Arab raids. However, we know that it dates back to the 4th century BC, and it is a home for hundreds of deceased Lycians.

They had a tradition to carve tombs in the rocks for their lost ones. There are also gothic style architecture and various frescos that depict various war scenes.

How Do You Get to Lycian Rock Tombs?

Lycian Rock Tombs is located in the southern part of Fethiye, and you can literally see some parts of them from the district center. Since the distance between the district center and the tombs are only four kilometers, you can get to the area by walking.

In addition to this, there are shuttles taking off to get to tombs from the district center. If you do not want to walk about 4 kilometers, you can always get them. Additionally, you can also consider booking a private tour.

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How Long Does It Take from Lycian Rock Tombs to Fethiye?

If you prefer to walk, depending on your walking speed, it will take about 15 to 25 minutes. On the other hand, if you prefer a private car or shuttle, then you will be in Fethiye for about 5 minutes at most. Literally, these rock tombs are the closest attraction in Fethiye since they are located right in the center of the district.

Is There an Entrance Fee to Lycian Rock Tombs?

If you would like to visit the Tomb of Amytans, then you need to pay an entrance fee. There is a museum in the area, which is run by the government. In addition to this, the government also preserves the area, and therefore, it charges the visitors.

The good thing is the entrance fee is only 20 Turkish Lira, which is slightly higher than €1 per person. Keep in mind that you can visit the area between 08:30 and 17:30. The museum also closes at 17:00.

What Villas Are Near Lycian Rock Tombs?

If you are planning to enjoy one of the famous villa holidays of Turkey and want to visit Lycian Rock Tombs, you have numerous alternatives. Fethiye is the leading district in terms of villa holidays, and you can find hundreds of unique alternatives.

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