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Updated: 20.02.2023 16:00:00
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Antalya waterfalls are quite popular in Turkey, and you can find hundreds of waterfalls to visit during your stay. We would like to help you to make better choices for your limited stay. Thus, we have compiled some of the best waterfalls that you need to see before you leave.

Besides their beauty and they offer quite peaceful experiences to their visitors, waterfalls are a great way to keep yourself cool during hot summer days. Most of the following waterfalls also provide you with the opportunity to cool yourself by swimming in their water.

This is why we highly recommend making a list of waterfalls to visit during your stay in Antalya. Of course, you would like to put the following waterfalls at the top of your list to make the most out of your holiday!

Kursunlu Waterfall

Kursunlu Waterfall is one of the important Antalya waterfalls that you need to visit. In addition to this, it is one of the easiest ones to visit since it is located in the center of the city. The area offers a visual feast to nature lovers, and you will breathe plenty of clean oxygen during your visit.

Besides the main waterfall, you are going to explore dozens of mini waterfalls with a small trip. It is a great location for hiking, and you can also find a couple of local businesses in the area, where you can enjoy Turkish tea and have some snacks.

antalya kursunlu waterfall view

Duden Waterfall

Duden Waterfall is the most famous waterfall among all Antalya waterfalls. What makes this waterfall special is you can enjoy plenty of activities during your visit. It is possible for visitors to enjoy the beautiful sea and find a couple of beaches to visit.

In addition to this, there are dozens of local cafeterias you can enjoy your time. In general, the area is preferred by those who would like to spend some peaceful time in nature. Additionally, you can get to the area by public transportation from the city center within 20 to 30 minutes!

Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat Waterfall is one of the Antalya waterfalls that is slightly away from the city center. It is 72 kilometers away, but we assure you that it is worth visiting. You may never see such natural beauty before in your life. Moreover, we recommend having a picnic during your visit in case you are going to visit the waterfall with your family.

You will find plenty of locals enjoying their picnics in this area. However, we would like to note that entrance to this waterfall is not free. You will be charged 30 Turkish Lira, which is roughly €2.50. Additionally, entrance fees may vary depending on the season you are going to visit the area.

Sapadere Waterfall

Sapadere Waterfall is another important Antalya waterfall that you should visit. Although swimming in the area is allowed, we would like to warn you that the water will be extremely cold, and you need to be cautious. This is why it is a famous attraction in the area, especially during the extremely hot summer days.

You can find plenty of natural pools to enjoy your time. Besides the waterfall, you can also explore the canyon, which is 360 meters long and 400 meters high. Moreover, you will be walking on the stream during your entire visit, which offers a unique experience to enjoy.

Ucansu Waterfall

Ucansu Waterfall is one of the most interesting Antalya waterfalls that we highly recommend visiting. Its untouched nature and world-famous King’s Pool make the waterfall quite popular. If you visit this natural beauty, then you should not miss your opportunity to swim in this natural pool.

It is worth noting that there are two waterfalls with the same name. This is why most people often distinguish them from each other by naming them Ucansu 1 and Ucansu 2. Make sure that you see both of them to make the most out of your visit!

ucansu waterfall view

Değirmendere Waterfall

Değirmendere Waterfall, which is also known as Gizli Cennet Waterfall is one of the important Antalya waterfalls as well. The literal translation of Gizli Cennet name in English is Secret Paradise. You will not be surprised by the name of this waterfall once you witness its beauty.

It is 104 kilometers away from Antalya City center, however, we assure you that your trip to the waterfall will be worth it. The waterfall consists of four floors, and you can find plenty of natural pools, which you can swim as you wish. You can also explore nearby villages to see how locals live in the area.