Best Beaches in Antalya

Updated: 5.11.2022 17:00:00
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Beaches in Antalya are one of the main attractions in the city, which attracts more than 10 million tourists every year. Antalya is the leading touristic city in Turkey, attracting almost more than half of the visitors alone.

Therefore, we wanted to compile some of the most popular Antalya beaches for you in this guide. You should not miss your opportunity to take a visit to any of the following public beaches to enjoy a great holiday in Antalya!

10 Popular Beaches in Antalya

When beaches in Antalya are in question, you have numerous, and you can find hundreds of popular beaches! However, today, we are going to share only the most popular 10 Antalya beaches with you!

We highly encourage you to pay a visit to all these beaches during your visit and spare a full day for each of them!

Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach is located in Alanya shore, and it is 130 kilometers away from the city center. Cleopatra Beach is one of the notable and world-famous beaches in the world and famous for its unique beauty and name. Of course, you can also pay a visit to Damlatas Beach and Damlatas Cave during your visit.

Konyaalti Beach

Without a doubt, Konyaalti Beach is the most popular beach both in Antalya and in Turkey. You can enjoy amazing sunset scenery while enjoying the warm waters of the Mediterranean sea. In addition to this, you can find numerous facilities to meet your basic needs such as food and beverages.


Kaputas Beach

Of course, Kaputas Beach is also one of the best beaches in Antalya, which you need to visit. If you are looking for a relaxing and peaceful day, you will spend on a beach, then this should be your choice. It is located in Kalkan and is less crowded compared to Konyaalti Beach.

Adrasan Beach

Adrasan Beach is also one of the popular beaches in the city, which is located in Kumluca District. It is surrounded with nature and attracts attention with its peaceful setting. It is also one of the best beaches to enjoy sunrise or sunset in Antalya. This makes it ideal for romantic trips and holidays!

Lara Public Beach

Lara Beach is another great beach that you should visit. In fact, it is one of the most visited Antalya beaches by foreigners. You can rent sunbeds and brolly at very affordable prices and receive services without even getting up from your sunbed. It is one of the must-visit beaches during your stay.

Mermerli Beach

Mermerli Beach is located in the old town next to the marina. If you are looking for a beach located in the city center, where you can go into the crowd whenever you want, then this is one of the best beaches in Antalya for you. You can also enjoy delicious Turkish cuisine and cold beverages in Mermerli Restaurant.

Cirali Beach

If you are looking for a long and peaceful beach, then you should make your choice from Cirali Beach. It is one of the most relaxing beaches, where you can enjoy a romantic day with your partner. Since it is surrounded by mountains, it offers great scenery as well.

antalya cirali beach view

Topcam Beach

Topcam Beach is one of the Antalya beaches that is located almost at the city center. However, since it is located in Olympus National Park, you will be surrounded by nature, and let you enjoy a fantastic day in Antalya. It is worth noting that Topcam Beach is only 10 kilometers away from the city center.

Cakil Beach

Cakil Beach is also one of the private beaches in Antalya, where you can spend a great day. Besides enjoying sunbathing and the sea, you will have a chance to spend your day in the restaurant section of the beach. The staff is quite hospitable, and we assure you that you will not get bored even for a moment with good music, delicious food, and cold beverages.

Sarisu Beach

Sarisu is one of the least known yet popular Antalya beaches you can spend your day. In general, it is less crowded than any of the beaches that we have listed on this list. It is one of the most preferred beaches in Antalya to relax and spend a quality day. It can be a great alternative, especially for a romantic time with your partner.

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