5 Questions For Turkey Vacation

Updated: 14.02.2023 16:00:00
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If you have booked your holiday villa to enjoy a vacation in Turkey, then you may be wondering certain things. If you have not booked it yet, we highly encourage you to visit our homepage, where you can list some of the best holiday villas in the country.

We wanted to compile a quick guide, we have shared answers to some of the frequently asked questions for the Turkey vacation. If this will be your first time visiting Turkey, we highly encourage you to check out the following guide to learn more!

Even if you have visited Turkey before, we believe you will still gain a better insight into certain things that can be helpful during your vacation. So, let’s check out these five questions and their answers one by one.

Which Part of Turkey Is Best for Holiday?

Turkey is perfectly safe for vacation. Whether you are a solo traveler or you are going to travel together with your friends or family members, you can enjoy your time to the fullest. Just like all countries, not all cities in Turkey are a great choice to visit. However, if you are going to Turkey for a vacation, then you will prefer cities such as Antalya or Muğla.

These cities are perfectly safe for travelers, and you can meet numerous foreigners living temporarily or permanently in the city. However, just like in every part of the world, certain taxi drivers can scam passengers. For this purpose, you may want to book a private transfer or prefer public transportation.

Which Is the Best Area to Stay in Turkey?

This totally depends on your preferences and taste. Turkey enjoys four seasons, but most visitors often prefer to visit Turkey for vacation. For this purpose, you can consider visiting the country between the spring and autumn season. Summer is the peak season in tourist destinations, and it can be quite lively for visitors.

In general, Antalya and Muğla cities are two important tourist attractions in the country. The combination of the visitors these two cities welcome makes up about 80% of foreign visitors. Almost every district of these cities is a popular attraction. Some of the notable ones include Fethiye, Demre, Kaş, Kalkan, Ölüdeniz, and Hisarönü.

You can book your holiday villa in all these popular tourist districts by simply visiting our main page!

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Where Should I Go to Turkey for the First Time?

If this will be your first time visiting Turkey, then we recommend Muğla or Antalya cities. You will not have any trouble with communication in your daily life. Most residents speak two or three languages and both countries purely rely on tourism for their economies.

In this sense, they may be the safest and best place to prefer by foreign visitors. Needless to say, they are the best destinations to enjoy the natural beauty of Turkey and the perfect summer season. Moreover, you can meet plenty of foreigners from your home country. You can also share your experiences and get recommendations for your next trip.

What Is the Most Beautiful Part of Turkey?

Turkey is a very diverse country both in cultural and natural terms. You can enjoy a completely unique adventure in every part of the country. Additionally, the people you are going to meet in these cities will significantly vary as well. Therefore, there is no single best answer for the most beautiful part of Turkey.

On the other hand, we highly recommend visiting the Aegean or Mediterranean region for your first visit. Most cities in these regions are more foreigner-friendly and you can enjoy a seamless experience during your visit. In addition to this, these cities are the cities with the highest foreign population density as well.

Which Part of Turkey Has the Best Beaches?

This is another tricky question. When it comes to beautiful beaches, Turkey may have more beaches than any other country in the world. There are beaches, which you cannot visit by land but only by sea. Moreover, we would like to note that no matter where you are going to stay for your vacation, you will find at least a dozen of beaches to visit only within 30 minutes of travel.

Of course, the beaches in the Aegean or Mediterranean would be the ones we can recommend. In total, the Aegean region has more beaches, but you cannot visit all of the beaches in both regions individually during your vacation. In other words, it does not matter, which one you prefer. Both regions offer fantastic experiences to their visitors, which we believe you are going to love a lot.