10 Reasons to Visit Turkey

Updated: 8.11.2022 12:15:00
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Turkey is one of the most preferred destinations by many holiday planners. The country offers numerous alternatives including amazing villa holiday opportunities. You can enjoy the perfect holiday in luxury, which will cost cheaper than your flight tickets!

We are pretty sure that Turkey is already an appealing choice for you but if you are looking for some other reasons, here they are! We have shared ten reasons why you may want to visit Turkey and enjoy a special holiday you will remember for years!


Turkish people are famous for their hospitality. You will not suffer any culture shock at all since everyone you are going to meet will try to make you feel comfortable. Moreover, you are going to meet plenty of foreigners, who will try to help you and share their experiences.

We highly encourage you to visit just to experience the world-famous Turkish hospitality, which you will have a hard time believing in their culture.

Amazing and Diverse Beaches

Of course, when Turkey is in question, most people think of the amazing beaches, especially in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions. In addition to this, almost every district has at least two or three dozen famous beaches you need to visit. Each beach offers a different feature and unique experience you are going to enjoy.

Numerous Historical Sites to Visit

Another richness that Turkey offers you is the number of historical sites to visit. Most of the ancient civilizations used to settle in the lands of Turkey and you will have a chance to visit most of these landmarks.

Besides, Gobeklitepe, which is the oldest known settlement of mankind is located in Turkey as well. It will take just an hour by flight from any Turkish city.

Cheap Villa Holiday Opportunities

Villa holiday tourism is booming in Turkey, and it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. You can find holiday villas with interesting concepts at affordable prices. You should forget about staying in hotels or Airbnb rentals while you have so many alternatives in Turkey.

If you want, you can book your villa through our platform and plan your holiday without any middlemen.

Breathtaking Nature

Most tourist attractions in Turkey are located in the middle of lush forests. You will enjoy the amazing sea view from your holiday villas while feeling the breeze coming out from lush forests on your back.

Besides forests, Turkish shores also offer a very rich and colorful undersea experience. You can find diving schools or trips almost in all districts and enjoy exploring some of the untouched natural beauties.

World Famous Cuisine

Turkish cuisine is one of the leading cuisines in the world, which has a significant influence on many European cuisines. It is very rich and diverse. Moreover, even mid-range restaurants in the country offer very delicious examples. Of course, you should also taste the street foods, which will be available at night.

Unique Landscapes

From Cappadocia to Pamukkale travertines, Turkey offers numerous unique landscapes, which you cannot see in any part of the world. During your holiday, you can take a one-day trip to these areas to explore some of the world-famous landscapes with your bare eyes. Moreover, you will have opportunities such as a hot air balloon to enjoy all these from the sky!

Widely Available Activities

No matter where you go in Turkey, you will always find dozens of amazing activities to engage in. From extreme sports to jogging, diving to wave surfing, paragliding to cross bikes, and ATVs, your options are almost unlimited.

In other words, you will never get bored even for a minute in Turkey since you will be trying to make plans to make the most out of your holiday!

Delicious Treats & Sweets

Besides the delicious cuisine, and perhaps as a part of it, you will have a chance to treat yourself to delicious treats and sweets. From Turkish delight to baklava, you will have the chance to enjoy some of the international snacks in their place.

These sweets and treats are even attractive to people who do not enjoy consuming them. Just make sure that you are not on a diet during your visit. It will be quite challenging for you to resist these tempting treats.

Ease of Travel and Cheap Living Cost

You can find direct flights to many Turkish cities such as Antalya, Mugla, Izmir, and Istanbul from all major cities in the world. In addition to this, the devaluation of the Turkish Lira in the last decade made Turkey a popular choice for many people.

You can check out the holiday villas on our platform to witness how affordable a holiday in Turkey is.