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Updated: 19.02.2023 14:00:00
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Demre Bird Paradise is an amazing attraction to visit during your stay in Demre. This beautiful place is also known as Noel Baba Kuş Cenneti, its translation to English is Santa Claus Bird Paradise. Without a doubt, we highly encourage you to pay a visit to this Bird Sanctuary in Demre before you live.

One of the notable things to share about Demre Bird Paradise is the area is a natural habitat for birds. In other words, the birds are not forced to stay and every day more and more birds adopt this area as their new home.

As of today, you can enjoy more than 100 different bird species during your visit. We are going to cover the exact number as well as other details you may want to learn about this piece of heaven on earth in the following! Please also note that you can find plenty of amazing holiday villas in the area through our main page.

How to Get to Demre Bird Paradise?

Getting to Demre Bird Paradise is not a challenge at all! It is because this beautiful and natural site is only three kilometers away from the Demre district center. You can always get to Demre from Antalya by tramway, bus, and minibus. Additionally, you can also prefer a taxi or private transfer depending on your preferences.

Once you get to the Demre district center, you will be on your own to get to the area. Since it is in a remote part of the district, no public transportation is available. However, considering three kilometers distance, you can easily get to the area by walking.

On average, your trip will take about 10 to 15 minutes depending on your speed. Of course, you can also find rent car services, private transfers, or get a cab from any stand. One notable method can be renting a bike or motorbike from local businesses.

Is There an Entrance Fee to Demre Bird Paradise?

Yes, there is a symbolic entrance fee that visitors need to pay to visit Demre Bird Paradise. It is only 10 Turkish Lira, which is roughly equal to €0.50. The area is being protected by the Turkish government and all the entrance fees are spent on the maintenance and care of the area.

We would like to know that the bird paradise covers about 1,000 hectares of area. Besides more than hundreds of unique bird species, the area is also famous for being one of the most important wetlands in Turkey. Additionally, there are plenty of sites to visit around the area during your visit.

If you are a professional bird observer, then make sure that you bring your camera and other equipment as well. Since the area is wetlands, you may not be able to get closer to certain bird species and have to observe them from a distance. Thus, having some good equipment with you will definitely work.

How Many Kinds of Birds Are in Demre Bird Paradise?

Demre Bird Paradise is serving as a home to 159 different bird species at the moment. It was 147 before but recently, two flamingo species started to live in the area. This was a great development and news for the bird paradise, and it also made many bird observers quite happy.

However, it is worth noting that not all these birds live in the area during the entire year. Some of them migrate to calmer areas, especially during the winter season. On the other hand, we believe you are going to visit the bird paradise during the summer season, in which you can witness more than 100 different species.

Without a doubt, the area is a great run-away plan from the tourist horde, and enjoy some peaceful time. Another important note we would like to share is the bird paradise can be quite crowded, especially during weekends in the summer season. So, you may want to plan your visit accordingly.

Birdwatching in Demre Bird Paradise

Demre Bird Paradise offers an amazing and one-of-a-kind adventure to those who love to observe birds in their natural habitat. Birdwatching is a popular activity in the area, and you can even find plenty of tours to participate in.

In our opinion, Demre Bird Paradise offers a great chance for those who love to admire nature. We highly encourage you to pay a visit to Bird Sanctuary in Demre before you leave Turkey.

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