Underwater Roman Ruins; Kekova

Updated: 19.02.2023 16:00:00
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Kekova Sunken City is one of the notable attractions that every visitor should visit during their stay. If you are planning a holiday in Antalya, then do not forget to add this beautiful location to your to-do list. Unlike what most people believe you have plenty of things to do during your visit and we recommend sparing at least a full day.

In case you are interested in enjoying a breathtaking experience during your visit, then the following guide is for you! Below, we have compiled everything you need to know about Kekova, including how to get there, boat trips, and especially, the Sunken City.

Where Is Kekova?

Kekova is a small island located in the Demre District of Antalya. The island is located right opposite to Kaleköy, which is an important tourist attraction in the area. What makes Kekova important is its sunken city, which you can visit any day you want.

The Sunken City is about 7.4 kilometers in length and 1.8 kilometers in width. In this respect, you have plenty of amazing attractions to see and visit during your trip. When it comes to Kekova, most people think about two things, Sunken City and daily boat trips.

How Do I Get to Kekova Sunken City?

People who would like to visit Kekova Sunken City should go to Üçağız harbor first. Here, you can rent private or mixed boat tours to visit the island. In addition to this, you can also talk with local fishermen to go to the island for a more authentic experience.

Well, how can you get to Üçağız Harbor? The harbor is 40 minutes away from Kaş, 20 minutes away from Demre, and two and a half hours away from Antalya by private car. If you are going to prefer public transportation, you can choose between minibuses and buses.

How Old Is Kekova?

Although the exact date of the first settlement on the island is still unknown, there are plenty of artifacts from ancient times. There is Andreaka Port located on the east part of the island. It is only four kilometers away from the center and this port was one of the most notable and important ports of naval trade in ancient times.

There is also St. Nicholas Church close to the island, which used to be known as the protector of sailors. In this respect, the island was an important destination both in terms of trade and religion.

Why Did Kekova Sink?

If you are going to enjoy a holiday in Antalya and going to visit the area, then we highly encourage you to get a tour with a guide. There are plenty of things that you can learn about the area. The main reason why Kekova sank is earthquakes.

Over the years, the city of Dolichiste sunk due to earthquakes. Dolichiste is the ancient name of Kekova, which was the naval trade center of Lycia. Especially during the 2nd Century, the large number of earthquakes led the area to take its current form.

kekova island ruins

Can Stay on Kekova Island?

Unfortunately, you cannot stay on Kekova Island for a night. However, you can take a quick walk on the island together with your guide. In addition to this, you can also find a couple of cafes and mid-range restaurants to enjoy your time on the island.

In general, most visitors visit the island via boat tours and all these boat tours also offer varying beverages and food. If you love swimming or diving, do not forget to take your equipment with you as well.

Kekova Sunken City History

Kekova Sunken City used to be one of the important naval trade centers in ancient times. The island used to be the most important port for Lycians, which ruled the area for centuries.

Besides serving as an important center for naval trade, it was also an important place in terms of religion. It is worth noting that Kekova turned into an island after the earthquakes. It used to be connected to the mainland in ancient times.

Kekova Sunken City Boat Trip

Boat trips in the area are very common and in fact, they are the best way to make the most out of your visit. We highly recommend these trips to any of our visitors, who are planning to enjoy their holiday in Antalya.

Visitors can find a varying number of boat tours depending on their preferences. Some of them also offer tours with beverages and meals while some of them are only limited to entertainment. Also, if you may need private villas around the area to enjoy your holiday, you can book them from our main page right now!