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    1. What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Villa?

    With Villa Holiday, which has gained significant traction in our country's tourism sector in recent years, you can enjoy the comfort of your own home while on vacation. When you stay in a standard hotel, you must adhere to certain guidelines. During their vacations, especially families with children, find it difficult to move around in hotels. When you choose a Villa Holiday, however, there are no such constraints. You have the freedom to swim in your private pool whenever you want, relax whenever you want, and explore the surrounding area whenever you want. We at Villa Plus Turkey are happy to assist you in this area. With all of its experience, our company, which has been closely following the sector for many years, guides you to the right choice.

    2. How to Book a Summer House in Villa Plus Turkey

    There are two ways to make a reservation on the Villa Plus Turkey website. These are the reservations you will make over the phone and online by calling the numbers listed on our website and contacting our sales support team.

    2.1. How to Make an Online Reservation?

    By clicking on the rental villas link on our website, you can see a list of all villa options. Then, by clicking on the villa you chose, you can open the detail page and enter your check-in and exit dates, as well as the number of people, from the Book your place section on the right side of the desktop pc view, or from the Book your place section by clicking the reservation button at the bottom of the mobile view. You can make a reservation by completing the form completely and on a regular basis. Your request will be reviewed by our Reservation Department, and you will receive a response as soon as possible. During this process, you can track the progress of your reservation by receiving information emails at the e-mail address you provide in the form.

    2. 2 The Villa's Entrance and Exit

    In villas rented from Villa Section, the standard check-in time is 16:00, the late check-in time is 23:00, and the check-out time is 10:00. The cleaning and final controls of the villas are performed between the Check-in Time and the Check-out Time. We deliver from the villa entrances. Again, we perform the final checks during the exit.

    2. 3. Responsibilities of the Customer

    Our customers have permission to use all of the belongings and furniture in the summer house that they rent. However, all belongings, furniture, and equipment are their responsibility as of the date of entry. Therefore;
    + It is their responsibility to notify our company if a possible item is damaged during use.
    + If their belongings are damaged during their stay, they must pay for the damage before leaving.
    + Once again, residents in neighboring buildings are required not to engage in disruptive behavior.

     + It is prohibited to keep illegal drugs, weapons, or other contraband in the rented villa, and it is also prohibited to house people who have an arrest warrant. Persons are liable for any accidents that occur as a result of their own or other guests' fault during the villa's rental period. 
    + For all villas, a maximum number of people has been specified, and the number of people confirmed in the specified receipt cannot be exceeded during the stay. In such a case, the extra person may be asked to leave the house or pay an additional fee.
    + Customers acknowledge and agree that the information they provided during Villa Rental is correct and complete. Furthermore, our company is not liable for any problems that may arise as a result of incomplete or incorrect information.


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