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    Cancellation Conditions

    If less than 60 days remain before the start of the trip, the customer's prepayment (regardless of the channel used) of the villa/apartment/apartment fee deposited to the VILLA PLUS TURKEY account will not be refunded.
    Cancellation terms;
    a) The reservation prepayment is refundable up to the 60th day before the start of the trip.
    b) If it is up to the 30th day before the trip's start date, the customer must pay 30% of the total rental price.
    c) If it occurs between the 29th day before the trip's start date and the day of the trip's start date, or if the customer does not arrive at all, the customer must pay the full travel cost.

    If the customer pays the villa/apartment/apartment fees to VILLA PLUS TURKEY at his own request (via EFT or money order, in cash, or in a single withdrawal with a credit card), the fee is paid in cancellations made up to 30 days prior to the villa/apartment/apartment. Thirty percent (30%) of the price will be burned. The remaining 70% (seventy percent) will be returned to the account number, which the customer will be notified about. Shipping costs will be deducted from this amount as well.

    If the reservation is cancelled 29 days or less before the arrival date, or if the villa/apartment/apartment is not checked in and/or there is no accommodation in the villa/apartment/apartment, the total travel fee paid will not be refunded to the customer.

    VILLA PLUS TURKEY cannot be held liable for any material damage incurred as a result of the refund of credit card payments. Such charges as material damage, commission fees, and so on are deducted from the money to be returned to the customer.

    Furthermore, some of our villas/apartments/apartments are special (specified on the villa/apartment/apartment website detail page; 30 days before the reservation date), the entire deposit paid and these villas/apartments/apartments are special (specified on the villa/apartment/apartment website detail page). For villas/apartments/apartments where the entire rental price must be paid), the customer is charged the entire rental price of the villa/apartment/flats. No fee will be refunded if the reservation is canceled.

    If the customer does not make the remaining payment on time, VILLA PLUS TURKEY reserves the right to cancel the reservation, not refund the previously paid fee, and make another reservation for this villa/apartment/apartment.

    Reservations can be canceled in writing (e.g. by e-mail or by registered letter with return receipt). Reservation cancellations made over the phone are unquestionably invalid. Reservation cancellations are effective as of the date the letter is received by VILLA PLUS TURKEY.

    VILLA PLUS TURKEY cannot be held liable for not using the villa/apartment/apartment due to the customer's fault or for terminating the contract without proper written notice, provided that this contract is valid from the reservation confirmation with the explicit declaration of the parties.

    The entire contract price becomes due on the agreed-upon delivery date of the villa/apartment/apartment, and VILLA PLUS TURKEY reserves all legal rights in this regard.

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