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Updated: 21.02.2023 14:00:00
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St. Nicholas Church is an important attraction located in Demre Antalya. This famous historical place attracts millions of visitors every year and it is considered an important landmark for Christians. There are numerous rumors and tales about the history of this beautiful and important attraction.

St. Nicholas used to be known as the protector of sailors and he used to be loved by the community a lot. Upon his death, the moaning locals decided to build a monument for him. This monument also includes the tomb of Saint Nicholas, which we all know as Santa Claus today.

If you would like to learn more about this historical place, which we highly recommend you visit, then this quick guide is for you! We have compiled everything you may need to know regarding your visit and planning your day.

Where Is St. Nicholas Church?

If you are planning your holiday to Antalya, then you might also want to look for attractions to visit during your spare time. Without a doubt, St. Nicholas Church should be on top of your list. It is because it is quite easy to visit the area and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy during your visit.

This is especially true if you are a believer and Christian. St. Nicholas Church is located in the Demre District of Antalya City, and you can get to this beautiful church from any part of the city. If you are already in Demre then you do not have to get a cab or car as well. It is only a few minutes of walking distance from the district center.

When Was St. Nicholas Church Built?

St. Nicholas, or in other words, Santa Claus, is actually a bishop, who lived in the area during the fourth century during the Lycian period. He was born in one of the port cities, which we know as Patara today. If you want, you can also visit this beautiful location while you are already in the area.

St. Nicholas Church was built shortly after his death. Although the exact date is a mystery, all records state that the church as well as the monument was built during the fourth century. It is important to note that he was not a saint while he was alive. He was declared a saint after his death, and he used to be known as the protector of sailors.

Where Is St. Nicholas Buried in Turkey?

Santa Claus tomb is located in St. Nicholas Church, where you will have a chance to visit this special tomb room. The tomb room is located in the southern part of the church and besides the tomb room, you have a chance to visit the museum. In the room, you can find 16 scenes from the childhood of Saint Nicholas. In addition to these, there are four holiday scenes.

You can find many figures from Christian tales and legends. However, one of the most notable scenes of them is the aid of Nicholas to the family with no kids. In addition to this, you can witness the scene where Jesus is on the road of Golgotha.

Did Father Christmas Originate in Turkey?

Yes, Father Christmas originated in Turkey. In fact, Father Christmas is St. Nicholas himself. He was declared a saint right after his death. He was so popular and generous that over the years the myth of Father Christmas developed.

As you know, Christmas is an important holiday in Christianity and Saint Nicholas used to help people who are in need. Thus, in those times, people expected him to help others, especially on special days such as Christmas. Although there are other rumors about Father Christmas, all the historical records show that St. Nicholas is the father Christmas, which we know as Santa Claus today.

st. nicholas church

St. Nicholas Church Entrance Fee

Yes, you need to pay an entrance fee to visit the church. However, although the church includes other areas such as Santa Claus tomb or museum, you only pay once to enter. Later, you can visit anywhere you like in the church without any limitations. As of 2022, the entrance fee per person is 125 Turkish Lira, which makes about €6.5.

Keep in mind that you can visit the church every day between 08.30 AM and 08.00 PM. The visiting hours may be important detail you need to know while you are planning your holiday to Antalya. Also, you should not forget to check out amazing holiday villas in Demre or neighboring areas by simply visiting our home page. You can book any of them you like right now!