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Updated: 8.11.2022 12:05:00
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The beach villa concept is unquestionably one of the most preferred villa concepts by many holiday go-ers. If you would like to enjoy some of the best and perfect accommodation facilities, then you need to put Turkey on your list!

Turkey is a peninsula, covered by three large seas in the North, West, and South. Especially the Western and Southern parts of the country are full of beach villas and widely preferred by foreigners.

You can enjoy the perfect sea view in these villas, where you can simply refresh your body and soul within seconds of walking from your accommodation. Below, we have covered everything you may want to know, including booking a beach villa in Turkey.

Beach Villa Holidays in Turkey

You can find a wide range of concepts when you are going to rent a villa holiday in Turkey. However, since beach villas are very trending and many tourists plan a holiday in Turkey, we recommend you take action quickly.

The good thing is you can find a wide range of alternatives for a beach villa on our platform. You will not only save money by planning a holiday in Turkey, but you will also have a chance to enjoy different villas in different districts and neighborhoods at more affordable prices than any villa holiday in any part of the world.

Moreover, since Turkey is surrounded by inland seas, you will not have to worry about any danger while enjoying your time.

Best Destinations for Beach Villa Holidays

Of course, you would like to rent your beach villa at the best destination to make the most out of your holiday. In this respect, you can prefer any district in the Mediterranean or Aegean regions. If you do not want to make research, then you can leave your destination choice to us!

Our platform only offers amazing villa holiday opportunities in the most preferred destinations in Turkey but also offers the best alternatives for you. You can find a wide range of beach villa alternatives equipped with varying features.

For example, you can rent a beach villa with a private swimming pool. If you want, you can also find villas with 1-bedroom to up to 5-bedroom that can welcome a varying number of guests.

kaputas beach view

The Best Beaches in Antalya

Antalya is one of the most preferred destinations by foreign tourists. The city has dozens of famous attractions and has the most beach villa alternatives in the country. In this section, we wanted to compile some of the most popular beaches in the city.

Needless to say, all our beach villa alternatives on our platform are around these beaches for you to quickly visit. Here are the top ten beaches in Antalya:

  • Konyaalti Beach
  • Kaputas Beach
  • Lara Beach
  • Mermerli Beach
  • Cirali Beach
  • BLM Beach
  • Topcam Beach
  • Red & White Beach
  • Cakil Beach
  • Sarisu Beach

All these beaches have private businesses in the area, where you can meet your needs, enjoy soft and alcoholic beverages, and have your lunch or snacks while enjoying your time.

The Best Beaches in Mugla

Mugla is the second most preferred city in Turkey by foreign tourists and it has as many popular districts as Antalya. The city has beaches both in the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, it offers a bit more diversity compared to Antalya.

You can find some of the best beach villa opportunities in the most popular districts of Mugla through our platform. Here are the top ten beaches in Mugla:

  • Oludeniz Beach
  • Bitez Beach
  • Iztuzu Beach
  • Icmeler Beach
  • Akbuk Beach
  • Gumbet Beach
  • Inlice Beach
  • Happy Beach
  • Marmaris Beach
  • Camel Beach

Please note that you may not be able to visit all these beaches during your stay since some of them can be pretty far depending on your location. Thus, make sure that you pick your beach villa close to the beaches you are interested in.

The Best Beaches in Fethiye

one of the best views in the world

Fethiye is one of the districts of Mugla, which is located on the Antalya border. This amazing district is often preferred by British tourists. You can find plenty of neighborhoods, where only British residents live.

Besides, you can also find great beach villa alternatives in Fethiye. Here are the best 10 beaches you can visit during your stay:

  • Calis Beach
  • Kuleli Beach
  • Kucuk Samanli Beach
  • Gemiler Cove
  • Calis Beach
  • Buyuk Boncuklu Cove
  • Akmaz Beach
  • Gemile Gove
  • Gemile Beach
  • Kucuk Boncuklu Cove

The great thing about renting a beach villa in Fethiye is you can visit all these beaches quickly. In general, it will take half an hour by private car to visit and enjoy an amazing day on any of these beaches.