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Updated: 18.02.2023 14:00:00
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The Ancient City of Perge is located in Perge Turkey, which attracts millions of visitors to its historical importance. This amazing ancient city serves as an open-air museum these days and it is one of the most well-preserved ancient cities in the world. This beautiful attraction is not an important destination to visit only in Antalya but in Turkey.

Therefore, many local and foreign tourists, who prefer holiday villas in the area, often put this ancient city at the top of their to-do list. In case you would like to do the same and witness ancient history with your bare eyes, then this guide is for you!

Below, we have compiled every information you may want to know before you visit the area. Thus, do not miss your chance to learn more!

Where Is the Ancient City of Perge?

This amazing ancient city is located in Demre Turkey but actually, it is located within the borders of the Aksu District of Antalya. It is only 18 kilometers away from Antalya and you need to go to the east to get to this ancient city. The best part of getting to Perge Ancient city is the tramway.

This transportation means can help you to not worry about the traffic at all even during busy months. However, it may be a bit crowded. If you would like to avoid the tourist horde, then you can always prefer buses or rent a car. In addition to this, there are daily Perge tours, which you can book from any part of the city.

How Old Is Perge?

Perge Ancient City was built during the Bronze Age period, and it used to be located in the Pamphylia region. Today, it corresponds to some parts of Antalya and Muğla cities in Turkey. Since its discovery, many caves and settlement areas have been discovered in the area. In those years, the area used to be a popular area famous for its animal husbandry and agricultural activities.

Experts believe that Perge Ancient City was built around 4,000 or 3,000 BC and it was an important settlement center, especially during the Stone Age and Copper Age. However, the settlement enjoyed its prime years as a part of the Hittite state. It was an important cultural, historical, and religious center of its time, and it somehow maintains these futures as one of the best-preserved historical sites in the area.

Who Built Perge?

According to the records, the current Perge Ancient City you can visit in Antalya was built by Hittite Empire. Historians date the build time of the current historical site to 1235 BC. There are many records containing the text of the agreement between King IV. Tuthaliya and the Vasal King Kurunta. However, this agreement also shows that the area did not belong to any king but remained independent between the two kingdoms.

Over the years, it seems like Perge Ancient City was supported by Hittite Empire more, and eventually, it became one of the important settlement areas for the kingdom. Today, you can find plenty of attractions you can visit, including a theatre, stadium, Roman door, Septimus Severus Square, ancient Roman baths, and much more!

How Much Is Perge Ancient City Entrance Fee?

Visitors need to pay an entrance fee to visit this beautiful ancient city. As of 2022, the entrance fee to the side is only 60 Turkish Lira per visitor. This is roughly €3 for each visitor. Visitors do not have to pay for anything else apart from their personal expenses during their visit.

There are dozens of attractions you can visit and the optimum time to visit the area is around 5 to 6 hours. However, if you will visit the area on your own without a guide, you can see all the attractions in 3 or 4 hours as well.

If you are going to visit the site during the summer season, then you can enjoy it between 08:00 AM and 08:00 PM. However, if you are going to visit the area during the winter season, then you can enter the site between 08:30 AM and 05.30 PM.

How Far Is Perge from Antalya?

Perge is relatively close to Antalya and in fact, we can say that it is almost in the city center. The distance between Perge Ancient City and Antalya city center is only 18 kilometers. Once you get to Demre District, you can visit the historical site by simply walking to it.

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