Where is Çalış Beach? How to Get to?

Updated: 31.10.2023 09:00:00
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Çalış Beach, which is also known as Kocaçalış Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Fethiye. The beach is only seven kilometers away from Fethiye center and it is the common choice of most locals and foreigners enjoying villa holidays in the district.

If you are looking for a property for rent in Fethiye Turkey, then you need to know more about this beautiful beach. This is why we have prepared this guide for you! In the following, you will learn everything you need to know including its exact location and how you can get to it.

So, let’s keep our introduction part short and take a look at all these details one by one.

Where Is Çalış Beach?

Çalış Beach is located in Fethiye and it is 7 kilometers away from its center. However, since Fethiye is expanding towards the beach, today, the beach is considered in the heart of Fethiye. If you are going to stay in Oludeniz, you can easily get to the beach as well. The distance between Çalış Beach and Oludeniz beach is only 25 kilometers.

Moreover, the back is only 45 kilometers away from Dalaman Airport, which is the main airport used by people who are going to stay in Oludeniz, Fethiye, or other neighboring areas.

How Do You Get To Çalış Beach?

Foreigners who enjoy villa holidays in Fethiye often rent a bike to get to Çalış Beach. Most people often prefer bicycles or motorcycles to get around in the district. However, you can also prefer public transportation. For this purpose, you can get minibuses from Fethiye center, and you will be on the beach within 10 to 15 minutes at most.

If you want to prefer your own vehicle, then all you need to do is drive just the opposite of Oludeniz to get to the beach.

How Long Does It Take From Çalış Beach to Fethiye?

Since the distance between Çalış Beach and Fethiye is only seven kilometers, it will not take long. For example, if you prefer to get public transportation, then it will take 15 minutes at maximum. You can also get a cab, which will take you to the beach within 7-8 minutes.

If you rent a bicycle you will get to the beach within 15 minutes when you prefer the coast road, which will pass through Sehit Fethiye Bey Park. You will be there in about 5 minutes if you will prefer your own vehicle.

What to See Near Çalış Beach?

Actually, there is not much to see near Çalış Beach. Of course, we are not talking about the things you can see when you are in Fethiye. However, one of the biggest advantages of spending a day on the beach is clubs, restaurants, and numerous souvenir shops.

You can enjoy dishes from different cuisines in many restaurants. There are pubs, clubs, and bars in the area as well. If you would like to sail and visit coves or other beaches, you can also find different boat tours at the entrance of the beach.

Is There an Entrance Fee to Çalış Beach?

No, Çalış Beach is completely free for the public. You can simply get whatever you want and enjoy a great day on the beach. On the other hand, if you would like to enjoy sunbeds and umbrellas, you will have to pay for them. However, their fee is quite affordable.

You can rent a sunbed and umbrella for 75 TL per person. This is around €4 per person. In addition to this, you also have a chance to order food or beverages at the beach, but these are personal expenses you are going to make from the restaurants or cafes behind the beach.

Are There Restaurants in Çalış Beach?

Yes, there are at least a dozen of restaurants you can spend time in Çalış Beach. All of them open around 8 AM and serve until 2 AM. When you visit the beach early in the morning, you can see many British people enjoying breakfast in these restaurants and cafes. Most of them are retired people who have holiday villas in Fethiye.

From Turkish to Italian cuisine, you also have different cuisine options. Moreover, you can also enjoy fast food.

What Villas Are Near Çalış Beach?

Çalış Beach is a popular choice among foreigners visiting Fethiye for villa holidays. The beach is surrounded by many commercial villas, and you can find hundreds of alternatives. If you have been looking for a property for rent in Fethiye Turkey to enjoy your holiday, we can help you. You can visit our main page right now and book some of the most popular villas in the area.