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Updated: 28.02.2023 14:00:00
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Tazi Canyon, which its literal translation to English is Greyhound Canyon is a famous attraction point located in the Manavgat District of Antalya. The canyon is in Köprülü Canyon National Park, towards the northern part of Gaziler Village cemetery. What makes this canyon so special is it is one of the recent discoveries in Turkey.

The wall of the formation is between 200- and 400 meters in height, and it is one of the most preferred destinations by wedding photographers. In addition to this, the formation also attracts the attention of many campers and hikers visiting the area from different parts of the country and the world.

Although the canyon used to be known by the locals for centuries, the area managed to become very popular thanks to social media. If you are looking for a fun activity to engage in during your stay, you may want to consider visiting this natural beauty.

Where Is Tazi Canyon?

Basically, Tazi Canyon is located in Antalya, which is the leading city in terms of the number of annual foreign visitors in Turkey. As we previously mentioned, the canyon is located in Köprülü Canyon National Park, which is also located between Sütçüler and Manavgat districts.

The national park is famous for its wildlife, and you can find plenty of mammal species. Some of these are caracal, lynx, wild goat, mountain goat, bear, fox, badger, wolf, and marten. In addition to this, the part has a quite significant number of bird species ranging from rock sparrows to thunderbirds.

In other words, besides its own natural beauty, the canyon will amaze you with its wildlife, and you may observe some of these animals if you are lucky.

How Do I Get to Tazi Canyon?

If you are coming abroad and you would like to visit Tazi Canyon, then you need to land at Antalya Airport. Here, you can rent a car or enjoy a private transfer to the area. On the other hand, if you are already in Antalya and you prefer public transportation to visit the canyon, it is fairly simple.

First, you need to get public buses, which depart from Antalya city center to the Manavgat district. Once you get there, you can prefer a cab or public minibuses. If you are going to drive your own car, all you need to do is follow the road signs from Antalya city center to Manavgat to get to the canyon. Since the area is a quite popular tourist attraction, you can also find daily tours of the canyon.

How Old Is Tazi Canyon?

Although Tazi Canyon became a popular attraction after its photos were shared on social media in 2017, the age of the canyon dates back thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, due to the lack of transportation infrastructure, the government could not make any further studies about the formation of this natural beauty.

However, considering its depth and side, it is believed that the canyon was formed about 100,000 years ago. The area used to be known by the locals living in the region but was kept a secret for long years. Today, it is a quite popular destination for both local and foreign visitors, which we recommend you visit.

What Are the Places Near Tazi Canyon?

Of course, the first place that comes to mind when Tazi Canyon is in question is Köprülü Canyon National Park. The canyon itself is located within the borders of the national park. However, this is not the only attraction you can visit.

If you are interested in history, you can enjoy your time in Selge Ancient City, which is pretty close to the canyon. In addition to this, there is also Köprüçay, where you can witness a 2,000-year-old Roman bridge. Another alternative is the Historical Oluk Bridge, which we recommend visiting.

What Is the Height of Tazi Canyon?

The height of Tazi Canyon varies in different parts. However, the minimum height of the canyon is 200 meters, while the maximum height of the canyon is 400 meters. There is a stream flowing between the walls, which is often preferred for rafting activities during the spring and summer seasons.

Without a doubt, this beautiful canyon is one of the important attractions that every nature lover should visit. Getting to the canyon is pretty simple and you have multiple alternatives for transportation. In case you are planning your holiday to Turkey, then make sure that you include this beautiful formation on your to-do list.

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