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Updated: 21.02.2023 16:00:00
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Simena Turkey is one of the popular tourist attractions that amazes its visitors with its beautiful nature and historical artifacts. The area is pretty close to Kaş holiday villas, which you may also consider enjoying your stay in Turkey.

Without a doubt, this site offers a great opportunity for its visitors to witness the ancient Lycian history and city. Moreover, we would like to note that the area is listed on UNESCO Mixed (Natural and Cultural) Heritage List for years.

If you are looking for fun activities to enjoy alone or together with your family, then Simena should be at the top of your list. Therefore, we have compiled a quick guide to let you know every single detail you may want to know before your trip.

Where Is Simena?

Simena, which is also known as Kaleköy is one of the small villages located within the borders of Üçağız Village. This village is located within the Demre District of Antalya City. The area is famous for its ancient history, and Simena Ancient City used to be one of the smallest cities of the Lycian civilization.

However, you should not worry about its size since it offers plenty of attractions that you cannot witness anywhere. This also includes Caretta Caretta.

How to Get to Simena?

Getting to Simena by sea is much faster and more convenient compared to land transportation. However, both alternatives are available from many parts of Antalya and neighboring areas. You can get to the area by buses or minibuses departing from Antalya city center.

However, you need to get to Üçağız Village and then walk the remaining distance, which will take about 15 minutes in total. If you are not okay with walking, you can always find transportation from the village.

In addition to this, the area is a famous attraction in the region. You can find plenty of boat tours that visit Simena as a part of their program for daily visits.

The History of Simena

The history of Simena dates back to the 4th century BC and the literal translation of Kaleköy is Castle Village. In ancient times, the area used to be the smallest city of the Lycian civilization. However, despite its small size, it offers amazing scenery and plenty of attractions to enjoy.

The area is established on 260,000 square meters and since the entire area was declared as a first-degree archeologically protect area, no constructions are allowed. Thanks to the strategic location of the castle, which is located on the top of the hill, Sinema used to be a strategic point for naval trade.

What Can You See in Simena?

Despite its small size Simena offers quite appealing attractions to its visitors. For example, you can enjoy the world’s smallest ancient theatre here. The theatre has only seven lines and has a capacity of 300 people.

You can also enjoy the Lycian rock tombs located in the middle of the sea, which are also used as one of the landmarks of Turkey in international presentations. Visitors can also enjoy the narrow ancient streets full of local businesses.

simena kalekoy view

Ancient City of Simena

Although the historical records about Simena Turkey date back to the 1st century AD, the archeological excavations reveal that the site has been used as a settlement since the 4th century BC. The ancient city is surrounded by Simena Castle and the area served as an important establishment for naval trade.

In addition to this, the ancient city used to be a member of the ancient federation together with Apollonia and Isinda under the presidency of Aperlai. However, it is worth noting that these dates are proven dates by historical records. Experts believe that the area has been used by other civilizations way before the 4th century BC.

The ancient city was also gifted to Emperor Titus during the 1st century AD by the Aperlai people and assembly.

The History of Simena Castle

Simena Castle was one of the most important structures in the area due to its strategic location. The castle contributed to the reputation of the ancient city significantly. The history of the castle dates back to the 4th century BC. Additionally, you can find the world’s smallest ancient theatre with 300 people capacity in the castle.

The theatre was carved into the rocks. As in ancient times, the castle was also used actively, especially during the medieval age. If you would like to stay around the area, we can help you to find the best Kaş holiday villas for your preferences.

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