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Updated: 7.11.2022 15:05:00
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Kaputas Beach is one of the world-famous beaches located in Turkey. If you are going to visit Turkey soon and looking for amazing beaches to visit, then Kaputas Beach should be at the top of your list. This is why we wanted to share a detailed and brief guide to inform you about every detail.

We assure you that the beach will be one of your favorite beaches once you visit it. We recommend sparing a few days to enjoy your time on this beach. Besides its natural beauty, you can also engage in various watersports including diving.

Below, you can find more about Kaputas Beach, facilities, holiday villas, and other details you may want to know before you visit.

Where Is Kaputas Beach?

Kaputas Beach is located in the southwestern part of Turkey, which is between the Kas and Kalkan Districts of Antalya province. These districts are located in the western part of the province and located in the middle of many popular tourist destinations in both the Mediterranean and Aegean regions.

Kaputas Beach is only 20 kilometers away from Kas District and 7 kilometers away from Kalkan District. What makes this beach so special is its untouched nature. It is located right in front of a very narrow valley with steep cliffs. You will be enjoying the breeze of lush forest in your back and turquoise color waters in front.

How Do You Get to Kaputas Beach?

If you have a car, then all you need to do is it on the D400 highway to visit Kaputas Beach. However, it is important to note that the parking lot is quite small and limited. This is why if you are going to get to the beach in your private car, make sure that you will be there early to find spots.

On the other hand, you can also get to the beach by public transport. You need to take shuttles, which are called dolmus, in Kas or Kalkan Districts. All public transport going from Kas to Kalkan or vice versa can take you there. If you want, you can also ask the driver to inform you when you get there to not miss where you need to get off.

Is the Entrance to Kaputaş Beach Free of Charge?

Yes, the entrance to Kaputas Beach is completely free since the beach is guarded by Kaputas Municipality. There is one café on the beach, which you can supply your basic needs while spending a beautiful day on the beach and all your personal expenses will belong to you.

You can also bring food and beverages to the beach due to the lack of facilities. In fact, we highly encourage you to do so if you are planning to spend some time or a day on the beach. It is important to note that there is a parking lot on the street side of state road D400 and it is also completely free as well.

On the other than, sunbeds and umbrellas are rented for a fee, and they are only available in summer. The only cost you will have to meet will be your personal and basic expenses at the beach café and your transportation to the beach.

What to Do in Kaputaş Beach?

You can find toilet facilities, a café bar, showers, and changing huts at the beach. However, since Kaputas Beach is under the control of Kaputas Municipality no private investments are allowed in the area. In this respect, the things you can do is limited.

However, this does not mean that you can enjoy various watersportssuch as diving and other entertaining events. In addition to this, you can also find plenty of hiking tours that often end at Kaputas Beach.

Another great option is visiting Kaputas Beach with yacht tours. You can rent a yacht almost from all neighboring districts and spend a great day on the beach. We recommend visiting the Blue Cave before you leave.

Holiday Villas Around Kaputaş Beach

There is no settlement in Kaputas Beach, but you can find plenty of holiday villas in the neighboring areas. In this regard, holiday villas in Kas and Kalkan are the most preferred ones. Besides they are pretty close to Kaputas Beach, they are also popular settlement areas with plenty of opportunities you can enjoy.

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